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Another Government Avoided Inconvenient Truth!!!

Chase Home Finance is Destroying America. There are Tens of Thousands of us all over the country EVERY MONTH, (This number is going up exponentially) that are being unjustly forced into Foreclosure. I myself represent just one of the many that have had TWO or MORE house payments HELD, or "LOST" as they put it, and used as a means for FORECLOSURE. CHASE Foreclosed on me 12/04/2007, and they found my 3 payments on 12/06/2007. HOW CONVENIENT. Seems my payments went from Phoenix, AZ to Los Angeles, CA to Columbus, OH then back to me UNDEPOSITED. They said they were returned because there was no Account# listed on the MEMO line. Well, my 8 digit Loan# was in plain site on the Memo line. And the letter was opened by my Attorney, so there is the proof that I'm not lying, because I took the letter straight to him, and we opened it together.

( JP Morgan / Chase Home Finance) needs to be investigated for FRAUD, Fraudulent Practices, and Flat-Out Discrimination. This is not just CHASE from what I am hearing, and this kind of FRAUD is not limited to just them. DEFRAUDED out of the American Dream, sad to say, but very true. Tens of Thousands of us are being mistreated for the greed of a corporation. And not a single Attorney I have talked with, and provided the proof to, is willing to take this Monumental Case because of the size of JP Morgan, owner of Chase Home Finance.

When are Corporations too large?? I'll tell you when; it's when the Attorneys refuse to stand up to them, with proof in hand, and take them down!!

I think its time we "Took Back our Country" If you feel the same, put your story on here and lets make some change!!! Pass this web address around to EVERYONE, it is time we stood up, said we aren't going to take it any more, and ACT AS ONE VOICE.

By Attorney Recommendation, I have now setup a Foreclosure Victims MySpace Page, in the hopes of reaching as many people as possible so we can organize our information, seek a reputable Attorney, and SUE Class-Action Style these thieving Mortgage Companies. This is the Web-Address:

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Loan Modification took 3 years to complete and I lost 40K in equity. How is this right?
They stole my house and my retirement money. We have nothing . Living in an appartment. Someone needs to stop this . I have so much neg. Proof but need someone who will stand up to them
still waiting
Chase Home Finance has done
hundreds of American families great injustice. Mr. President and Congress, please step up and help these American families.
Refuse to acknowledge paperwork being submitted for loan forebearance. Have sent same paperwork seven times. I have $65000.00 equity and am currently unemployeed, they approved it only to immediately cancel and proceed with foreclosure efforts. keep adding hundreds of dollars for title fees, foreclosure mail, foreclosure filing, attorney fees. They are making it impossible to cooperate. Wheni contacted NC Foreclosure Preventition, Chase said it wasnt necessary, I would be approved only to continue with foreclosure efforts. I am a single parent and have made great sacrifices to keep my payments current with biweekly payments up until this past year.
over 2 yrs to get my modification n they wouldnt accept payments during it then put $25,000. onto my principal for those payments! so house payment is more then it was chase didnt help they made it worse n still cant afford payment n now owe more n back ro 30 yr loan!!
over 2 yrs to get my modification n they wouldnt accept payments during it then put $25,000. onto my principal for those payments! so house payment is more then it was chase didnt help they made it worse n still cant afford payment n now owe more n back ro 30 yr loan!!
Chase sold my house while they were reviewing a short sale!
They'd till didn't tell me they sold it, the new owner showed up at the door. Chase is still sending me letters on the short sale. Chase still refuses to return my calls.
Applied to chase for refine under MHA program. out of work for tow years. on and off. Once I became employed told I must pay back payments, lates, and rear fees in total. dispute as to what I was paying in partial payments during two years . NO TRANPARANCY to fees being chared by chase in relation to program or rules of of the program. I had to draw into my 401K to pay $27K to bringf mortgage current . This will come at a huge financial penayly. Chase has mis=hanled the program. There was no system of transparancy built into program at chase. If chase says pay pay....or you are ruined. Guess will be ruined anyway. it is the way chase say'w no options, no referees, NO RULES!
Chase needs to be put in "CHECK" by the federal government!
I have been getting the run around from Chase. I am behind on my mortgage due to getting sick and being on unemployment. I sent in a payment and they already have two payments which should have brought me to within three months so that I could qualify for the six month repayment plan and Chase sent the money back telling me that it was not enough. I told them this is what the representative on the phone told me to send in. Now, I am nearly seven months behind and determine to over night the money before the end of this month to keep my house. Pray.
I filed bankruptcy and now JP Morgan Chase will not record any of my payments; my credit report shows that $0 for real estate; no record of the mortgage start to finish. They refuse to enter any information, yet the continue to send me a statement show all the information. I have never missed a payment.
Was denied modification. added late fee. claim I was 5 months behind. next thing I knew my loan was sold to another company.
my husband was laid off in 2008. I called chase over and over to try to somehow get a lower payment to keep our home. I could never talk to anyone that mattered. I explained that we were using our pension to keep up our payments so we didn't get bad credit but that it would soon be gone so we filed twice for a modification. Chase stated that as long as we continued to make payments they couldn't help us. we would need to miss 3 consecutive payments to even talk to someone about lowering our payment. so we did, got bad credit, and chase never did anything to help us. we finally gave up and filed bankruptcy in 2009 and lost our home. chase then turns around and sells it at auction for 100,000 less than what we owed, but couldn't lower our interest rate. are you kidding me? I will never use chase bank again. if there is any action we can take we would love to know about it. we live in ohio